Friday, August 15, 2008

Everybody say...Christie's Pregnant!

We told my parents that we are pregnant this weekend. My mom's birthday was friday so we planned a surprise "birthday" party at Margarita's in West Memphis and invited all of her closest friends. We left thursday after work under the guise of visiting for her birthday. The plan was to convince mom that we were going to take her out to dinner in Memphis when she got home from one of Anna's DBS functions and then when she got home late, she always does, we would just decide to stay in town and eat at Margarita's. The plan couldn't have worked better. As a storm moved in that night mom called and suggested that, "we should just go to Margarita's since the weather was bad and it was going to be late". I acted disappointed while we were on the phone, but was laughing as soon as I hung up, "this is perfect!" When mom got home we headed to dinner for the surprise party. Dad had gone early to "put our name on the list" so when we got there he had a waitress show us to our table in the back. Of course it is West Memphis, so mom knew everyone in the restaurant and kept trying to stop and visit with everyone as we are dragging her to the back. When we finally got there about 25 friends yelled surprise and she was shocked. But the biggest shock was yet to come!

After things settled down and drinks and appetizers had been ordered we got everyone up to take a group picture. Only two people other than us knew what was about to go down, our friends Brandy and Jason were in on the whole thing and Jason was volunteered to video tape the reaction while Josh posed as the photographer. As Josh got ready to take the picture everyone was yelling for him to come get in the picture, but he ignored them and took one picture to get everyone's attention. As he got ready to take the second picture he announced "on the count of 3 everybody say Christie's pregnant!" The reaction was priceless, as seen above. We thought dad might have a heart attack, Anna was squeezing me so tight, and mom was squealing and waving her hands in the air. Overall the night couldn't have worked out more perfectly. All of mom's closest friends were there, her brother and his family even made the trip from Little Rock and noone had a clue!