Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Summerford Crew! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Genetics Appointment

Owen had a follow up genetics appointment a few weeks ago.  We're continuing to do these appointments at the Lowell clinic every 3-6 months.  Our geneticist, Dr. Kahler, is still not traveling to Lowell so we saw Dr. Garnica again.  

Appointment Stats:
Weight - 33 lbs 1 oz 
Height - 37 inches tall
Head Circumference - 30

The appointment went as usual...we met with the geneticist, a nutritionist, and then had labs drawn.  Dr. Garnica was a little concerned about Owen's labs from August.  Apparently two of his labs were high, but only slightly too high.  This was news to us and kinda frustrating since the report we got in August was that everything looked good.  After talking with our crew at ACH, it was explained that the increase could have been due to a number of things and that they weren't too concerned because they were only 1-2 points too high....which made us feel a lot better.  The lab results came back about 1.5 weeks after the appointment and both were 30 points less than the labs in August, indicating that his liver is functioning normally...or "normal" for Owen.  Yay!

Josh and I have been a little concerned about Owen's excessive sweating, so we mentioned it to Dr. Garnica.  Owen frequently wakes up with a large circle of sweat on his pillow and completely drenched.  He also seems to sweat excessively, to the point that his head is soaked, with minimal activity.  This is not necessarily a new thing, but we've noticed it a lot more lately and thought it was worth mentioning.  So....after some thought, Dr. Garnica seems to think that Owen might be hypoglycemic during these times of excessive sweating...and now wants us to start checking his blood sugar during the night for a few weeks.  They sent us home with everything we need....but we have not started the testing.  Everything with Owen is kind of an experiment.  He's still the only one is Arkansas with VLCAD and Dr. Kahler is the only geneticist in Arkansas that has seen VLCAD patients other than Owen.  So...we decided to hold off on testing until we were able to talk everything over with Dr. Kahler.  We just really don't want to put Owen through anything else, unless it is completely necessary.  Hopefully Dr. Kahler will get back with us in the next week or so and have a plan for us moving forward.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Day of School....

The kids started daycare last Monday (January 30th).  I don't know if the chaos of juggling childcare for the past month or the fact that it's my second child/ second go around of daycare....but leaving them that morning was comforting.  I was at easy and not upset or nervous like I was when I dropped Owen off for the first time!  I did, however, stop in for a visit mid-day and have Josh pick them up a little early.   

And of course I had to document with a few

...First Day of School Pics

Ava Kate has one of the same teachers Owen had when he was in the baby room, which made the whole transition a lot easier.  Ms. Toshia was also super sweet and text me pictures and updates throughout the day!  Ava Kate had a pretty good first day...other than only taking a few short naps.  When she got home that night she could barely hold her eyes open....baby girl was completely exhausted!!

Ava Kate and her teacher Ms. Toshia 

Ava Kate is quite the social butterfly!  This is what she was doing when I went to pick her up on thursday afternoon...

She's also quite the artist!

First day back to daycare for Owen....He was sooooo excited to see Emmie!  That's all he talk about all morning!  He started in a new classroom (the 3 year old class) and Emmie was pretty much the only one he knew.  So...he had new teachers, a new classroom, and new friends....which made for a long and difficult transition.  He was excited about Emmie, the new toys, and playing BUT he wanted mommy to stay!  So....we met his teachers together, filled up his cubby together, explored the classroom together, and played together for about 30-40 minutes before he decided that it was okay for me to go.  When I left, he and Emmie were heading to the play kitchen (holding hands) to make breakfast.  I wish I had gotten a picture...it was so cute!

"Bye mommy"

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ava Kate - 4 months

Ava Kate was 4 months old on January 27th!  I don't know if it's lack of sleep or that we're chasing after two....but time really flies with the second kid!  I can't believe that Miss Ava Kate has already been with us for 4 months!!!

The things you are doing now:

  • You weigh around 14 lbs!  We're not use to having a baby with "rolls" but we are absolutely lovin' it!!
  • You're still wearing 0-3 month clothes but not for too much longer
  • You have moved up to size 2 diapers but are continuing to have "blow out".  Apparently the size of the diaper has no bearing on this situation.  We've tried different brands and different sizes, but  the "blow outs" continue!  Ha!
  • You're 4.5 oz bottles of breast milk during the day and nursing at night

  • You're still not really on a schedule.  You eat about every three hours during the day and about 2 times at night.  
  • You are becoming a better sleeper, but you still get up at least 2 times per night.  You usually eat for about 10 minutes and go right back to sleep.
  • You typically get up around 7:30 or 8:00, take about 3 naps per day, and go to bed around 9:30 or 10:00....but this all depends on your mood of the day 
  • You still sleep best in your car seat and I truly believe that you would sleep through the night if we would let you sleep in your car seat
  • Current sleeping arrangements:  Co-sleeper at night and your swing or your rock-n-play sleeper

  • You have become such a happy baby.  You typically only cry when you're hungry, tired, or have a tummy ache
  • You smile all the time!
  • You've laughed out loud 1 time for you daddy...mommy is still working on hearing those sweet giggles 

  • You LOVE your big brother!  You're always watching him and smiling at him.
  • Owen is sooo sweet with you.  He loves to bring you all your toys (even through you can't play with most of them and they just pile up on top of you) and he's always giving you kisses
  • You have started "playing" with Owen more and ya'll love to play in your crib.  It just warms my heart to see ya"ll playing together

  • You have found you hands and love to stare at them and hold them together like you're praying
  • You've also started eating you fist and batting at your toy
  • Bath time is still your absolute favorite...you kick and splash the entire time
  • You've started cooing and mommy and daddy just love your sweet voice.  I'm certain that you already have your daddy wrapped around your finger!!

  • You've lost most of your hair and are looking pretty bald these days!  Mommy tries to keep bows and headbands on you so everyone knows you're a girl!!

  • You are loving your paci more and more each day... but still not as much as your bother! 
  • Keeping your paci in is quiet the chore... you seem to be trying to launch it as far as you can each time.  We've started using your lovey to help you keep it in!! 
  • You've really started to enjoy your toys!  You now bat at your toys hanging from the play mat and have managed to push a few buttons on your exasaucer!
  • Owen also seems to enjoy all your toys (aka his old toys) and loves to "help" you play!

  • You still hate tummy time and always start crying after about 2 minutes!
  • You have a mild case of torticollis, so mommy and daddy have started stretching you and making you look to the right even though you don't like it. 

Another comparison:

Ava Kate and Owen at 4 months

....And I couldn't end this post without a pic of my little man