Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Day of School....

The kids started daycare last Monday (January 30th).  I don't know if the chaos of juggling childcare for the past month or the fact that it's my second child/ second go around of daycare....but leaving them that morning was comforting.  I was at easy and not upset or nervous like I was when I dropped Owen off for the first time!  I did, however, stop in for a visit mid-day and have Josh pick them up a little early.   

And of course I had to document with a few

...First Day of School Pics

Ava Kate has one of the same teachers Owen had when he was in the baby room, which made the whole transition a lot easier.  Ms. Toshia was also super sweet and text me pictures and updates throughout the day!  Ava Kate had a pretty good first day...other than only taking a few short naps.  When she got home that night she could barely hold her eyes girl was completely exhausted!!

Ava Kate and her teacher Ms. Toshia 

Ava Kate is quite the social butterfly!  This is what she was doing when I went to pick her up on thursday afternoon...

She's also quite the artist!

First day back to daycare for Owen....He was sooooo excited to see Emmie!  That's all he talk about all morning!  He started in a new classroom (the 3 year old class) and Emmie was pretty much the only one he knew.  So...he had new teachers, a new classroom, and new friends....which made for a long and difficult transition.  He was excited about Emmie, the new toys, and playing BUT he wanted mommy to stay!  So....we met his teachers together, filled up his cubby together, explored the classroom together, and played together for about 30-40 minutes before he decided that it was okay for me to go.  When I left, he and Emmie were heading to the play kitchen (holding hands) to make breakfast.  I wish I had gotten a was so cute!

"Bye mommy"