Sunday, July 22, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day was all about spending the day together as a family....AND spoiling daddy!

We kicked off the day with some delicious cinnamon streusel muffins made with love by Owen...

daddy's breakfast....

After a yummy breakfast, it was time to open presents....the kids were so excited for him to open the ones they had made!

Ava Kate's DAD photos to match Owen's....

A gift for Daddy and Owen.....a putter for Owen!  Now they can spend some quality time on the putting green!

The next stop....the putting green at Paradise Valley golf course!

After a few lessons from daddy, Owen was ready to give it a try!  He did pretty good, but liked to move the ball close before attempting to putt!

Ava Kate watching from the sidelines with a golf ball of her own....

After spending a hot morning at the golf course, we headed to Tropical Smoothie for some lunch and then to the pool to cool off....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ava Kate - 9 months

Ava Kate turned 9 months old on June 27th!  I can't believe how fast the last 9 months have gone by.  She is such a sweet and happy little girl that just lights up our lives!!  This month's photo shoot was a little more difficult since baby girl is on the move now!  We tired to take our usual monthly pictures in  her crib but Ava Kate have different plans. Ha!

Things you're doing now:

  • You now weigh 19 lbs 11.5 oz 
  • You're wearing size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes
  • Your typical feeding schedule:  6:00 - 5 oz bottle (and then back to sleep), 8:30/9:00 cereal with fruit, 11:00 5oz bottle, 12:30 2 veggies and 1 fruit, 3:30/4:30 5 oz bottle, 6:30 2 veggies and 1 fruit, 8:00 8 oz bottle before bed

  • You've finally started sleeping through the night!!! Yay!!
  • You typically go to sleep around 8:30 and wake up around 6:00 or 6:30 for a bottle and go right back to sleep.  You're nap schedule is still pretty sporadic, but you usually take 2-3 naps per day for 1-2 hours at a time
  • You absolutely LOVE bath time and the pool!  You spend the entire time splashing and laughing
  • You have developed your own "crawl/scoot".  You pull your self around on your belly using only your arms!  It's not the most efficient way to get around, but you can definitely get where you want to go!
  • You have no interest in getting up on hands and knees, but when mommy and daddy help you get up, you like to rock back and forth!
  • You're really teething these days, but teeth have yet to surface.  I can feel a bump on the bottom so....maybe you'll have you're first tooth soon.
  • You've really become a mommy's girl over the past few weeks.  You get really upset when I walk out of the room and prefer for me to hold you at all times.
  • You've been babbling da da for a while now and you just started saying ma ma last week....we know that you're not really saying daddy and mommy but those first sounds just warm our hearts
  • You finally started waving about 2 weeks ago.  Owen and I always wave and say "bye bye" every morning when we take you to your room at daycare and you typically just look at us and smile...BUT just the other day you started giving us a big wave with your whole were soooo proud of yourself!
  • You love to eat most everything, but fruit is definitely your favorite!

  • You're lovie is your absolute favorite!  If we give it to you when you're tired, you snuggle right up with it and lay your head's sooo sweet!
  • You're are obsessed with your big brother!  Ya'll communicate in your own way and are always cracking up at each other!  You both light up when you see each other and it just warms our hearts!!

 9 month comparison....

Owen                      Ava Kate