Saturday, May 16, 2009

I know it's been awhile since our last post...we've just been spending all our time getting to know our little man. He's so alert now and starting to get a personality. It's so much fun!! My days with him are just flying by...only 5 more weeks til I have to go back to work.

Starting to swing at his toys!

Hi Mom!

Enjoying playtime!

Owen is packing on the pounds. He's gained over 2 pounds since we started this new formula. My baby boy no longer looks like a newborn. The good news is... he can finally fit into something other than his newborn white onesies. Yea!!

What a big boy!

Owen had his ECHO done a few weeks ago at the Children's Lowell clinic. The picture makes it look worse than it really was. It didn't seem to bother Owen at all...he slept through the whole thing. Overall, the ECHO results were positive. They did not find any muscle thickening which is common with a long-chain fatty acid disorder, however, they did find an "atrial septal defect" (a small hole between the chambers in his heart). The doctors don't seem too concerned with this and just plan to monitor it over time. No result from the DNA or skin biopsy yet!

Snoozing through his test

We went on our first play date a few weeks ago. A group of us got together for lunch at Kate and Norah's house. I think Owen really enjoyed being around the other kids...he was awake the whole time! We'll definitely have to plan more play dates.

Owen is quite the ladies man..

How sweet..

Owen also attended his first baseball game. We went to the Natural's game last night with the Watkins and the Adams. I think Owen enjoyed his first baseball game! He stayed up late and didn't miss a play of the game or the post-game fireworks, (don't worry, we covered his ears).

Enjoying the wonderful baseball weather!

I think the girls favorite part was the music and the playground!

We've had a few more photo shoots since the last post and thought we would share. Owen has become a pro! He's so photogenic when he's sleeping. The last picture is my favorite!!