Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fayetteville Baby Shower

We had Owen's second baby shower this past Friday and once again he racked up on some really neat things! Brock and Lindsey, David and Erin, and Drew and Lindsey hosted the shower for us at Brock and Lindsey's house. Despite the cold weather and some rain we had a good turnout and a great time!

Drew, Lindsey C., David, Erin, Christie, Josh, Lindsey G. and Brock

Us opening the hostess gift, A video monitor so we can keep an eye on our little man!

Norah and Kate, this picture was too cute not to share!

Josh and I

So cute!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

West Memphis Baby Shower!

Some friends from West Memphis hosted our first baby shower last Sunday. We had a great time and Owen got a lot of really neat things! Opening all of the baby presents made it all to clear that WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I mean, we have known for a while that he is coming, but now that he actually has things the excitement has really set in. The hostesses gave us something that we really needed, a car seat with an extra base, so he can actually come home from the hospital. My family gave us his pack-n-play, where he will be sleeping (we hope!) at first. So now that we can officially drive him home and have a place to put him down… all we need is a baby!

The cutest cake ever...

All the hostesses
"Owen"...from my kindergarten teacher

Christie and Stephanie
(college roommates)

Christie and mom

Christie and Memaw

All the presents...

Owen's new carseat

...and pack-n-play

Ashley's Recipe Shower

Last Saturday a bunch of the West Memphis girls and I hosted a shower for Ashley, a good friend of mine. The shower was at my mom’s house in West Memphis so we kicked Josh out bright and early and the girls got everything set up. The shower was kitchen themed and everyone brought their favorite recipe to share with the new bride. A ton of people came to the shower and she got pretty much everything for her kitchen and enough recipes that they shouldn’t have to eat the same meal twice for a long while.

It turns out that we will not be able to attend Ashley’s wedding due to her terrible planning! We always said that we would be at her wedding no matter where it was; however, the where is not the problem… we would love to be in attendance as Ashley strolls along the beaches of Jamaica to get married, but the when is a huge problem. As much as we would love to be there I don’t think we could leave or travel, in mid April, with a two week old!!! So, we will have to sit this one out.

Here are some pics from the shower…

Ashley and all the hostesses

Jill, Emily, Christie,
Ashley, and Lee

Ashley opening...

...all the gifts!

Ashley and Christie

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

33 weeks 4 days

We had another appointment yesterday. Everything looks good! I gained another .5 lb for a total to 28.5 lbs. My belly measurement was almost 34 weeks...just a little ahead. Owen was an active little guy while we were listening to his heart beat causing his heart rate to fluctuate between 130 bpm and 150 bpm. We have one last 2 week appointment and then we start our weekly appointments. Only 6 weeks and 3 days to go!!

Owen is still pretty active. Everyone keeps telling me that his movement will slow down as I get closer to my due date, but it hasn't seemed to effect him yet. Owen is definetely belly seems to be getting larger by the day! I'm also having to eat smaller meals. I guess he's so big that my stomach doesn't have very much room.

Josh and I went shopping last weekend in hopes of finding an outfit for Owen to wear home from the hospital. We started with the stores in the mall...Dillard's, Baby Gap, Children's Palce, and Gymboree. So far we've been unsuccessfull. They just don't have the near the selection for boys as they do girls. But we did manage to find Owen his first swimsuit and hat. So...he may not have anything to wear home from the hospital but he's ready for the pool!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nursery Pictures

Owen's nursery is finally complete! The last piece of furniture came in last week. Now we're just waiting on baby Owen...only 6.5 more weeks! I'm sure we'll continue to add to the nursery, but I thought we would go ahead and share some pics.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


February Recess was Friday night. Josh drove in from New Orleans and got here just in time. He hasn't missed a Recess night yet!! This was the first Recess in two months because of the the kids were raring to go! Josh's buddy Samuel was so excited! His mom said he had been pretending to be "Josh" all cute! I was paired up with Ethan and we spent most of the night making crafts. It was a great night...there were about 15 special needs children, 8 siblings, and a lot of volunteers....We had a blast!

Getting ready for large group time...

Dima rocking out with his band!

Stephan watching Dima

Christie and Ethan

Hannah posing for a quick pic

The girls....Hannah, Lena, and Miah

Josh and Samuel

Lance, James, and Kristy

Lena making a Valentine...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

32 Week Appointment

We had our 32 week appointment on Tuesday. Since Josh is in New Orleans all week for work, I went to this appointment alone. Once again, I only gained 1 lb bringing my total weight gain to 28 lbs. My belly measured around 31 weeks and Owen's heart rate was in the 130s. According to Dr. Birch, Owen is head down and has started dropping.

Owen has become more and more active. I'm not sure how he can make such big movements and be crammed in such a small space. His new favorite thing is kicking me in the ribs when I'm at work...I guess he gets a little squished when I'm leaned over working with the kids. Over the past few weeks I've had more braxton hicks contractions, where my whole belly tightens up for about 20-30 seconds and then goes back to normal. The night leg cramps have also become more frequent. So between the leg cramps, Owen kicking, waking up to change positions, and getting up to go to the bathroom about 3-4 times a night, I'm not getting much sleep.....Just one of the many joys of pregnancy! Ha! Overall, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I just hope it stays that way since I'm planning on working up until delivery. Only 8 more weeks to go!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Belly Update, 30 Weeks!

We're a little behind on this one, seeing that I am actually going on 32 weeks, but here it is. As you can see, Owen and I have done a lot of growing in the past few weeks. I can't imagine getting any bigger....and I still have 8.5 weeks to go!

4 Weeks

20 Weeks

30 Weeks