Wednesday, February 25, 2009

West Memphis Baby Shower!

Some friends from West Memphis hosted our first baby shower last Sunday. We had a great time and Owen got a lot of really neat things! Opening all of the baby presents made it all to clear that WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I mean, we have known for a while that he is coming, but now that he actually has things the excitement has really set in. The hostesses gave us something that we really needed, a car seat with an extra base, so he can actually come home from the hospital. My family gave us his pack-n-play, where he will be sleeping (we hope!) at first. So now that we can officially drive him home and have a place to put him down… all we need is a baby!

The cutest cake ever...

All the hostesses
"Owen"...from my kindergarten teacher

Christie and Stephanie
(college roommates)

Christie and mom

Christie and Memaw

All the presents...

Owen's new carseat

...and pack-n-play