Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashley's Recipe Shower

Last Saturday a bunch of the West Memphis girls and I hosted a shower for Ashley, a good friend of mine. The shower was at my mom’s house in West Memphis so we kicked Josh out bright and early and the girls got everything set up. The shower was kitchen themed and everyone brought their favorite recipe to share with the new bride. A ton of people came to the shower and she got pretty much everything for her kitchen and enough recipes that they shouldn’t have to eat the same meal twice for a long while.

It turns out that we will not be able to attend Ashley’s wedding due to her terrible planning! We always said that we would be at her wedding no matter where it was; however, the where is not the problem… we would love to be in attendance as Ashley strolls along the beaches of Jamaica to get married, but the when is a huge problem. As much as we would love to be there I don’t think we could leave or travel, in mid April, with a two week old!!! So, we will have to sit this one out.

Here are some pics from the shower…

Ashley and all the hostesses

Jill, Emily, Christie,
Ashley, and Lee

Ashley opening...

...all the gifts!

Ashley and Christie