Saturday, August 29, 2009

Owen's Baptism

I know we're a little behind, but we're trying to catch up. So get ready for a lot of posts...

Owen was baptised while we were on vacation. As most of you know, Josh and I got married on the beach in Santa Rosa at little over two years ago. So we decided to have the preacher that married us, Reverend Harry Houseman, baptise Owen at same exact spot where we got married. After our wedding, Reverend Houseman offered to baptise any of our future children. At the time, we never thought we would actually take him up on this offer. But the idea hit us as we pulled in to Destin, so we called Reverend Houseman and everything just fell into place.

Reverend Houseman and Owen

Family pic in front of the house
where we got married

Owen's Baptism Video