Friday, October 9, 2009


For Owen's 6 month birthday, we celebrated with a family picnic at Lake Fayetteville. It was a perfect day...mid 80's, sunny, with a light breeze. After church, we stopped by Panera to get a few sandwiches and then headed to the park. Owen showed off his big boy skills during our picnic by sitting up all by himself. He looked so grown up just sitting there looking around at everything. After lunch we took a short stroll around Lake Fayetteville and then headed home for a nap. Owen loves being outside, so it was the perfect way to celebrate his 1/2 birthday! We had so much fun...I think there will be a lot of family picnics in our future.

Photo op with daddy...

"There's nothing to this sitting up thing.."

"Can we have a picnic everyday?"

Photo op with mommy...

Strolling around Lake Fayetteville..

Somebody was little worn out
from all the festivities..