Thursday, November 12, 2009


Once again we're a little behind on our blogging...So here's a recap on Owen's first Halloween.

Our Halloween festivities started on Friday with Trick or Treat on the square. It was so much fun seeing all the kids in their costumes. Owen was a little too young to take part in all the trick or treating, but seemed to enjoy watching all the kids running around. He was so funny in his little monkey costume...I don't think he moved the entire time he was wearing it!

Owen as a "monkey" and Charley as a "puppy dog"
(They were soooo excited to be wearing their costumes..Ha!)
Our little Monkey...

Owen and Judd
"the monkey duo"

visiting with his friend Harper....

playing with Aunt Amanda...
We spent Halloween night at home handing out candy to ALL the trick-or-treaters. Yes, that means that we skipped the RAZORBACK game...which is definitely against the rules at our house, but we didn't want to miss out on Owen's first Halloween. It was totally worth it! Owen helped me hand out all the candy and LOVED it! He was so curious about all the kids in their costumes and really enjoyed playing with all the candy...the skittles were his favorite!

"This one looks yummy!"

Is that not the cutest little monkey
you've ever seen?

"Can I eat these??"

"Halloween is fun!"