Monday, September 6, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!!

Football season is finally here!! Razorback games and tailgating are two of our favorite things to do with family and friends...and Owen is actually old enough to enjoy them both this year!

The Band playing in the middle of our tailgating lot....

Owen and Aunt Anna

Erin and Mackenzie....
Mackenzie was our littlest tailgater, but she enjoyed it so much that she even went game!!!

Our crazy lil' hog fan!

Owen loves to watch football the daddy. He always says "foooo-ball" and starts we decided to take him to his first Razorback game!! Let's just say, this was has first and last game this season. He watched the game for about 2 seconds and then spent the rest of the time running around. He had a blast but I was exhausted! Ha! We'll try again next year when he's a little older....