Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potty Training...

We officially started potty training 2 weeks ago. The teachers at daycare approached us and said that they thought Owen was READY. So....we decided to give it a go!

The first week was a little rough! Making him sit on the potty every thirty minutes was not a lot of fun for anyone involved. At daycare he was in diapers the first part of the week (just because we were trying to use the BIG box we had recently bought from Sam's) but...by the end of the week we decided to go ahead and switch to pull ups. We thought Owen would be excited about moving to the big boy pull ups....but apparently we were wrong! He thought they were just like diapers and could care less about pottying in them!

So, we only had a few successful potties at daycare the first week! We had a little more success at home, because we were bribing with candy and letting him wear his Birthday suit or big boy underwear. We were also letting him sit on the potty for 10-15 minutes each time....which made me want to give up!

As you can see, we've taken to putting the potty everywhere in our house! ha! It's not always feasible to get all the way to the bathroom every time he decides he has to go potty...so we decided to get the little one close at ALL times.

After realizing that Owen didn't care about pottying in his diaper/pull up, we decided to switch to big boy underwear except for nap time and bed time. AND it was the best decision every!!! Day 1: two accidents, Day 2: three accidents (but they were all in the afternoon when the new teacher put a pull up on him with his big boy pants over it), Day 3: two accidents, Day 4: two accidents....Then, he only had one accident all weekend!

I think he's definitely getting the hang of it...almost a little too much! At home, where he gets candy for a reward....he has started going potty just a little bit to get candy and then going again 5 minutes later to get more candy!! Ha! His little potty starts signing when he goes potty....so every time the song starts playing, Owen jumps up saying "I get CANDY, I get CANDY!!"