Monday, July 25, 2011

Beach Vacation 2011...

We went on our annual beach vacation last week with the Hogues, Childers, Smiths, and Tyler. All of our families have grown since the last beach vacation....which put us at 8 adults and 4 kids under the age of 3!

Owen was super excited about packing....

We found a great price on flight out of Little Rock and jumped on the opportunity to take a 1 hour flight over driving 12 hours with a 2 year old. Our flight was Saturday night, so we left Fayetteville around noon, grabbed some lunch at Buffalo Grill in Little Rock, and then headed to the airport. Owen was so excited about flying on an airplane with Charley, that he hardly ate any of his lunch!

The flight was delayed so the kids had plenty of time to explore the airport! They really enjoyed pointing out all the airplanes and taking turns pushing each other in the strollers.

Waiting to board the plane....
Charley....ready for take off!

We arrived in Florida around 9:30, waited awhile for luggage, and then headed for the house. When we walked out of the airport, David and Tyler were waiting in Sebring convertible! Ha! Luckily Mallory was there in the mini van to help haul the kids and all the luggage.

Beach pictures to come....I'm still trying to sort through all the pics :)