Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 months...

I can't believe you are already 3 months old and I'll be going back to work soon!  Time is just flying by!  

Ava Kate at 3 months....

Things you're doing now....

  • You weigh 12.2 lbs and are wearing size 1 diapers
  • You are finally wearing 0-3 month clothes, which means you're finally getting to wear some of those cute outfits that we got before you were born

  • You're still not really on a schedule, but you tend to wake up around 7:30/8:00 to eat and then tay awake for a while before taking a morning nap.  That is about the only predicable thing about your day! Ha!  
  • You're taking more bottles, do mommy is able to leave for longer periods.  You drink about 4 oz at a time.
  • We've tired ALOT of different sleeping arrangements and you are now sleeping in a co-sleeper in mommy and daddy's room.  
  • You weren't a big fan of being swaddled, so we've modified it a are now swaddled with a light blanket with your hands by your face and your feet free

  • You're still waking up around 2 times per night.  You always want to nurse, but I'm beginning to think that you nurse to go back to sleep rather than to fill your belly.  You're usually only awake for about 10-15 minutes and then go back to sleep for 2-3 hours before waking again
  • You've become a much happier baby.  Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas you just flipped a switch and went from crying ALOT to being content except for when you are hungry.
  • You've also started smiling all the time!  

  • You love to lay flat on your back!  You're favorite place to lay is on your changing table.  We haven't figured out why, but you absolutely LOVE it!!!  
  • You also really like to kick your feet!  You really get going when mommy says "go, go,go" and moves your legs through the motion

  • We've let you try out a few new toys...the exersaucer and bumbo.  You're still not quit ready for them but you love being up and seeing everything thing, so we thought we'd give it a try.  

  • You love to be carried facing out so you can see everything
  • You're getting better at holding your head up, but still get tired pretty quickly

  • You love bath time so much and splashing that we moved you to the big bath tube.  You just lay there kicking your feet the entire time!! 

  • You HATE tummy time and cry every time we try it....which is the complete opposite of your brother.  You tolerate it best when you're laying on mommy, but even then get upset.

  • You're definitely a mommy's girl these days...mainly because of how much time we spend together nursing
  • Your spitting up has gotten a lot better, but just when we least expect it, you start back up again
  • You're starting to get a sweet little personality...and it just melts our hearts (especially your daddy's)!

Another little comparison....

                             Ava at 3 months      Owen at 3 months