Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ava Kate - 8 months

Ava Kate turned 8 months old on May 27th!  My baby girl is growing up too fast!! She has such a sweet and happy personality that just brightens your day!  

Things you're doing now:  

  • You weigh 19 lbs 3.5 oz and are 28 inches long
  • You're wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes and just moved up to size 3 diapers
  • You've started eating food at every meal.  You typically have fruit mixed with cereal for breakfast, and then a fruit and veggie for lunch and dinner. 
  • Fruit is definitely your favorite...your top three are bananas, cinnamon pears, and apples
  • Your daily eating schedule goes something like this:  5oz bottle around 4:30 (because you typically wake up around this time), breakfast between 8:30 and 9:00, 5oz bottle around 10:30, lunch at 12ish, 5 oz bottle between 3:30 and 4:30, dinner at 6:30/7:00, and an 8 oz bottle at 8:00/8:30 just before bed.
  • You've slept through the night a hand full of times, but it's still not consistent.  We typically lay you down (awake) around 8:30 after your bottle and you go right to sleep.  Most nights you will sleep from 8:30- 4:30, but then you think its time to eat, so....we give you a bottle and you go right back to sleep til I wake you up for daycare.   

  • You're chewing and drooling on everything, but you still don't have any teeth yet
  • Sophie (the teething giraffe) has become one of your favorite toys...her ears are your favorite!
  • You still love your paci!  You always want it when you're tired but you don't always have it throughout the day like your brother did

  • You absolutely LOVE your lovie!!  You love to snuggle with it and you immediately lay your head down when we give it to you before bed.  It's sooooo sweet!!
  • Bath time is still one of your favorites, so the pool will probably be your favorite activity this summer
  • You're a very happy and content baby these typically only fuss when you're tired or hungry

  • You've definitely mastered sitting by your self, but you are perfectly content to stay in one place and haven't shown much interest in crawling.  You do however turn yourself in a complete circles when you're on your tummy and roll all over the place.
  • We've been working on waving bye bye every morning when I drop you off at daycare...but so far you just smile and look at Owen and I like we're crazy
  • Story time before bed is another one of your favorites!  When you're not trying to steal Owen's milk, you like to hit the books and touch all the pages
  • You absolutely LOVE your brother!  You watch his every move and light up as soon as you see him!

An 8 month comparison......

Owen                Ava Kate