Sunday, December 9, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

Christmas is such a crazy time of year....pair that with trying to parent/raise loving, thankful, caring, GOD loving, humble children and you get two parents in search of anything and everything to teach/show our children what it looks like to love, be giving, and care for others.  Every year at this time we try to give to others that are in need....this year we chose to do this through Operation Christmas Child.  We picked a child Owen's age so he could pick out everything he thought the little boy would want.  The only catch was that it all had to fit in the box provided. This was the first year that Owen actually understood what we were just warmed our hearts.

Of course, a car was the first toy chosen!

Full of toys, crayons, coloring books... now time for some clothes!

Making sure the box would close....


Kara said...

I love this idea- very cute and sweet of owen