Friday, April 12, 2013

Ava Kate...18 months

Our baby girl turned 18 months old on March 27th!  

Ava are officially a toddler and into everything!  You have such a sweet and spunky personality and often demand the attention of all!  You're at such a fun age right now...I wish we could just freeze time!!

Things you're doing now:

  • You weigh 25 lbs and are 30 inches tall
  • You're wearing mostly 2T shirts, 18-24 month/2T bottoms, and size 4 diapers
  • We've moved you from whole milk to 1% and added a DHA supplement and a vitamin....both of which you are not a huge fan!
  • You eat pretty much anything but have become a little more picky lately!  Bananas are your absolute would eat them all day everyday if we would let you!!  Some of your other staples are:  Strawberry greek yogurt, string cheese, deli meat (you prefer turkey), and any kind of fruit (grapes and strawberries are you're favorite.
  • You are starting to use more and more words!  These are a few of your favorites:  mama, daddy, Ooowen, peas (please), more,  aaaw done (all done), bapi (paci), lubbie (lovie), peeas stop (please stop), eat, nn-o (no), unny (Honey), outside, up, open
  • You frequently grab us by the hand and guide us to what you want when we can't understand what you are trying to communicate
  • You are completely attached to your lovie and paci.  You haven't had a paci at school since last September, but you seem to think it's a necessity here at home!
  • You have quite the personality!  You LOVE to be the center of attention and often demand the attention of everyone around you.  You're teachers say that you love to stand on top of the play set/slide and entertain your classmates!

  • You love to dance!  You don't even have to have music can be someone tapping, a commercial, or even the sound of one of Owen's toys and you will break out in dance!  
  • We've started a little potty training...mainly because you've shown interest and because you keep getting diaper rashes.  So far you have pee pee'd in the potty 1 time and poo poo'd in the potty twice.  Sometimes you sit down and get right back up saying "all done, all done"....I have a feeling that potty training is going to take a while with all your sassiness! 

You typically sleep all night in your bed, but recently you have been getting up early (around 5 am) and wanting to get in our bed and snuggle/sleep a little while longer!  Lets just say you have your daddy wrapped around your finger and he always caves to a little snuggle time!
  • You love to rinse your paci off with water!  Anytime we turn the water on in the kitchen or bathroom, you come running, holding your paci up, saying "bapi, bapi, please" (paci, paci, please).  I'm not sure how this started...but it's pretty silly!
  • Up until a few weeks ago, you were definitely a "mommy's girl", but here recently you've become a daddy's girl!  
  • You're super sweet and and love to snuggle, but you will only give daddy kisses!  If anyone else asks for a kiss you just push your forehead into their lips, BUT if Daddy asks for a will kiss him right on the lips with sound affects and all!  I'm so jealous! 
  • You LOVE your brother soooooo much!  You love to follow him around everywhere and do what every he's doing!  When he's not here, you walk around the house yelling his name or saying "bubba"'s so cute!  You have also realized how to torment him by going around knocking over all of lego/block building, messing up his puzzles/games, or anything else that you  destroy. 
  • You are such a little momma!  You love, love, love your babies and your new favorite thing is to pat them to sleep while saying "shh, shh, shh".  You are always checking on your brother/friends when they are sad, taking them their cups/drinks/snacks, bringing everyone their coats, etc.  
  • You still love bath time and pretty much run there after dinner every night!
  • You love to cook in both your kitchen and mine!  Your favorite thing to do in your kitchen is to dump out all the food, have a tea party, or cut up the vegetables and fruit.

An 18 month comparison...

Owen                     Ava Kate