Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We kicked off the 4th with a family bike ride around Lake Fayetteville

which wouldn't be complete without a stop at the swings...

 ....and the playground!

 After lunch and naps, we headed to the pool with the Childers

Campbell (17 months) and Ava Kate (21months)...sweet friends!

A Charley and Owen dance party....wish I would have gotten this silliness on video!!  Never a dull moment with these two...

 We joined the Masons for dinner and fireworks!  It was quite a show....the boys put on a show of their own, but we could see the Mall fireworks and the Naturals fireworks as well!  I think we found the perfect spot for all of our future 4th of July fireworks.

Sparklers are just our speed!!

Charley wasn't too sure about the fireworks, so she found a comfy spot to hang out in the back of the car...

Ava Kate was not a big fan of all the loudness that came with shooting off fireworks!  She jumped every time and was pretty scared.  I think she and Charley will be hanging out together next year.

 more sparklers with Aunt Anna....

 Happy 4th of July!!