Friday, August 16, 2013 the teacher!!!

Owen is starting the 5 day a week pre-school program on Monday and today is the day that he got to check out his new classroom and meet his new teacher....Mrs. Chenier.  Josh and I had parent orientation last night and got to go over all things "Owen" with Mrs. Chenier...we are all excited about the new school year!

He was shy at first and went straight for the puzzles....of course!

Mrs. Chenier had an activity set up for each kid.....spell you name with foam letters!

Owen....the Kindergarten way!

After "meet the teacher", we headed to Gator Golf for some putt-putt!

my baby boy is growing up way too fast.....

celebrating after his first hole in one for the day....

Another hole in one on he won a free game of putt-putt!!

I won...but only by 4 points...and no hole in ones for me!  I think we may have a little golf pro on our hands!