Monday, September 30, 2013

2 year update...

I can't believe it's already been 2 years!!!!  You're are a sweet, sassy little mama that's full of energy all the time!! 

Things you're doing now.....

  • You are becoming such a big girl and demanding your independence more and more everyday
  • You are wearing mostly 2T clothes (especially tops) and size 4 diapers
  • You love your daddy, but you are definitely a Mommy's girl right now!
  • You have started talking a TON!!
  • You're still sleeping in your crib, with no plans of conversion at this time
  • You love all things baby!  We often call you our little mama!

  • You still make "your sound" when you're concentrating!  We always know where you are in the house!  It's funny now, but we hope it fades before kindergarten!  
  • You still really LOVE your paci!  You don't use at daycare at all, but want it the minute you get home
  • You typically have to take a baby with us everywhere we go!  

  • You decided to start potty training yourself a few months ago!  You want to be "big" like your we just let you try when you ask.  Mommy and Daddy haven't really been ready to jump on the potty training ban wagon (it's a lot of work) but daycare says you are REALLY ready so...we are starting next week!

  • You Love to eat...and pretty much eat everything! 
  • Bath time is still a favorite.  You and Owen would stay in there all night if we would let you

  • You like to read books but aren't a fan of Owen's "long" prefer to hold the book yourself and turn the pages

  • Your hair is finally starting to grow out and that makes mommy SO excited!  I see lots of ponytails and pigtails in our future!
  • You love to have your fingernails and toenails painted!  There are lots of mornings I have to give you a mini pedicure before school :) 

  • You love, love your big brother and want to do everything he's doing
  • Dance parties in Owen's room has become a regular these days

  • You are our little diva and full of personality!!  I want you to stay this age forever!


Twitter @BizaardvarkTV said...

Way too bloody old for a pacifier.

Also, please research "#i2 (intact, too)" issue. &/or