Saturday, February 15, 2014


Our little sleepy heads on Valentine's morning....

We woke them up with a few little Valentine goodies!

Party Time at Shiloh!!

a little guessing game...

Owen's Valentine Bag....decorated by Owen!

....and he crashes from all the sugar....with a sucker paci in his mouth!!!  this pic will definitely resurface during his high school years!!

We ended our Valentine's with a ROMANTIC family dinner at Chic-fil-a!!!

Ava Kate was terrified of the "cow", so she spent most of the time trying to hide from him or asking where he was.  I think we took 15 trips to the bathroom because she thought that was a good way to get away from "the cow"!

my boys in their matching shirts....soooo handsome!

And just when they thought the Valentines treats were over, Gigi and Papa Bart came in town for a weekend visit and delivered more!!