Monday, April 21, 2014

Dying Easter Eggs...

Although Easter weekend was also moving weekend, we couldn't break tradition of dying Easter eggs with the Cunninghams! 

Lucky the weather was nice and everything disposable works for dying Easter eggs!!

Boiled eggs, a blanket, dying kits, water, and some excited kids was all we needed!  

Owen and Ansley playing a little chase while the eggs where sitting….

We spent the whole morning dying eggs, hunting eggs, and just playing outside while the guys were busy moving us in!

dying eggs is serious business….

After all the eggs were died, it was time to hunt…the plastic eggs!!

Owen definitely had the advantage, but we hid some in plane sight for the girls and some in more conspicuous spots for him!! 

Ansley on the hunt….

The girls had fun hunting the eggs, but they were more interested in their accessories….aka Easter baskets = purses!!

finally getting the hang of Easter egg hunting…

so sweet….share their Easter eggs!