Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doctors Appointment

We went for another routine appointment last week. Everything went well! I've gained another 5 lbs. for a total of 16 lbs. and my belly measured 25 cm. After 20 weeks, the doctor started measuring my belly at every appointment. The measurement (in centimeters) is suppose to correspond to the week of pregnancy. So...I was 23.5 weeks pregnant at the appointment and my belly measured 25 cm. According to Dr. Birch, the measurement should be within 2 weeks of the actual week of pregnancy. So we're a little ahead...maybe Owen will be a March baby after all.

We also got to listen to Owen's heartbeat again. It was beating strong at 140 bpm...but apparently Owen didn't like the sound of his own heartbeat, because he kicked so hard that Dr. Birch had to re-adjust to find his heartbeat again. Owen has become an active little guy lately. In the past, I had to lay on my back for Josh to feel his big kicks. But now....his kicks are so big that you can see my whole belly move.

Apparently, Honey Nut Cheerios and a glass of OJ are the wrongs things to eat before a prenatal doctors appointment. They found sugar in my urine and had to test my blood to make sure my sugar levels were okay. Everything was fine...but Dr. Birch suggested that I have more of a bland breakfast before my gestational diabetes test.

I'll have my glucose screening test for gestational diabetes at our next appointment on January 6th. This will be our last 4 week appointment...then we'll start going to the doctor every 2 weeks. We'll also schedule our follow-up ultrasound during this visit. Dr. Birch is wanting us to have the ultrasound done at the Breast Clinic sometime between 28-30 weeks. So...we'll get a chance to see our growing boy again in just a few weeks.


Cindy Watson said...

Sweet Owen...I can't wait to meet him. By the way, you look awesome!