Monday, December 15, 2008

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Some friends of ours, Chris and Cassady, hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party last weekend. After briefly shopping for Christmas sweaters we decided to make our own. We bought some cheap sweatshirts and then picked up some random decorations from the craft department. Josh came up with the idea of having real Christmas lights, so he searched the light department and found strands of lights that ran off batteries! We had Josh's mom decorate the shirts with snowmen (mine's a snowwoman), bells, snow, and a strand of real lights. On Josh's left shoulder it says "Feliz", and on my right shoulder it says "Navidad", so when we stand together it adds an extra touch of "corny" for extra enjoyment.

Josh and I in our "Feliz Navidad" Snowman Sweaters

Chris and Cassady
Christie and Cassady