Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Weeks Old!!

Our little man is growing up.

  • Owen had his first official bath today since his umbilical cord finally fell off. He seems to be liking bath time a little was the first bath we've made it through without him screaming. I think the combination of the space heater and actually sitting in warm water made it a lot more enjoyable.

  • His favorite position is curled up on your chest where he can hear your heartbeat. He can sleep like this for hours.

  • Josh and I love when he's awake. He just looks at you with those wide eyes and seems very curious...we can just sit and stare at him forever.

  • We are breastfeeding most of the time, but Josh is bottle feeding 1-2 bottles a day (a little bonding time with daddy). Owen is doing great switching back and forth. I think the little guy would eat anything...he could care less where it comes from.

  • Owen's new trick is peeing on daddy when he's changing his diaper. He hasn't shown mommy this new trick yet..thank goodness! (No pictures to back this one up, but trust us, it has happened!)


Angie Cleary said...

Oh Yeah! I remember that trick! You learn to have the clean diaper ready to immediately place over the "trigger", ha, ha! He's losing his "newborn" look and he is looking quite handsome! I loved bathtime...I sooooo miss that baby smell, especially their little heads!

Amy L said...

i love all that hair!!