Sunday, February 28, 2010

11 months old..

Owen turned 11 months old on Friday...

we're only one month away from the BIG birthday!

Owen has really started packing on the pounds. He weighed in last week at 21 lbs 2 oz, which put him in the 30th percentile for weight....he's moving on up, Yea! We're definitely going through clothes a lot faster theses days. He's also become "all boy" over the past month...he's walking everywhere, he's into everything, he loves throwing things, he loves hitting things, and he's climbing on anything and everything. I guess you could say the that he keeps Josh and I on our toes...we literally can't take our eyes off of him. We attempted the 11 month photo shoot, but as you can tell from the pictures...we weren't very successful at keeping him in one place for very long.
Things you're doing now...
  • You're still wearing size 3 diapers but have moved up to 12 month clothes

  • You now weigh 21 lbs 2 oz...which puts you in the 30th percentile for weight
  • You are walking everywhere!!

  • You got your top left tooth this you now have 4 teeth (two on top and two on bottom)

  • Your nutritionist increased your fat intake to 10 grams a you've been trying a lot of new foods

  • Your favorite foods are: bread, pasta pick ups, yogurt melts, and fat free fig newtons. Bread is by far your would it for every meal if we would let you

  • New foods you're eating: cereal bars, hot dogs (98% fat free and cut up really small), cheese toast (fat free cheese), eggs (egg beaters), toast with jelly, pancakes, chicken, applesauce, rice, yogurt, and bananas.

  • You're not a fan of noodles...we've tired all different kinds, but you just spit them all out

  • You prefer to feed spit out everything that mommy and daddy feed you

  • You still yell at mommy and daddy if we don't get your food to you fast we've started teaching you how to sign "more"

  • You still love bath time and have learned how to splash really big

  • You love playing with balls and have mastered throwing them

  • You've started pointing at everything...this helps mommy and daddy figure out what you want
  • You've started going to Teeny Tiny Tims on Wednesday's fun for mommy and daddy to see you interacting with the other kids

  • You still LOVE your paci...daddy says we're going to start leaving it in the bed when you turn one...this will be a big adjustment

  • You've become really dramatic lately and have learned how to throw fits when you don't get your way...I hope we get through this phase soon

  • You love playing with Honey...she is so good with you!

                            • You have become really attached to mom and daddy over the past week...I think it's because you're trying to cut three teeth right now

                            • You had your first TV debut last week....Channel 5 news was doing a story on your daycare and they showed you on TV playing with Ms. Toshia
                            • You're really on the move now and like to get into everything....we have a big play area set up for you in the living room, but you prefer to get into the kitchen drawers, pull the picture frames off the shelves, or go into the laundry room

                            • You babble all the time and say dadadada for almost everything

                            • Your favorite toys right now are...balls (any type), your cookie shape surprise, your dunk and cheer basketball goal, and your baseball tee

                            • You have become be buds with Emmie at daycare...I think she might be your first crush. It's so cute to see ya'll greet each other every morning

                            • You are a very curious and observant little guy

                            • You've started getting up on your tip toes and reaching for the door handles, but thankfully you're still a little too short to reach them


                            Amber said...

                            I can not believe that he will be 1 soon. He has gotten so big all of a sudden. Love all the pics! Go Owen GO!

                            Cindy Watson said...

                            He is such a sweetie! I feel so blessed to see how he has grown and changed over the past 11 months!

                            J Alex said...

                            You all seem like the perfect family

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