Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Owen officially became a toddler on Friday..our little boy is all grown up!

Josh was off work and I took off too so we could spend the day with Owen. We started the day with a special Birthday breakfast...a birds nest. It's just toast with an egg (or egg beaters) in the middle, but Owen loved it!

After breakfast, the three of us played and played and played. Although Owen has lots of toys that he likes, he prefers to play with anything and everything that's not a toy. He's favorite things to do are: (1) climb under the bar stools over and over again and (2) play with/wear the strainers (he thinks it's hilarious!)

After a short nap and some lunch, we decided to let Owen try out his new car seat. Josh and I are really excited about this transition...the infant carrier and Owen combo was getting way too heavy!

One of our outings was to Toys-R-Us. We decided to let Owen pick out another Birthday present...but everything he picked up was something he already had. We ended up playing in Toys-R-Us for about an hour and buying nothing, but I am pretty sure Owen loved every minute of it!

Our last outing, was ice cream and the park. Getting ice cream ended up being more of a chore than expected. We googled ice cream stores in the area trying to find low fat/fat free ice cream and we ended up at Braums. However, Braums only sold low fat/fat free ice cream in large quantities (which didn't work with our plan to go to the park). In the end we found a pint of low fat yogurt at Walgreen's and we were off to the park. I'm not sure Owen even realized we were at the part for the first 15 minutes because he was too busy inhaling his ice cream.

Owen had to keep taking breaks from playing to eat more ice cream...he was very upset when it was all gone!

He liked the slide, but preferred to climb up it....
For dinner, Josh made Owen's favorite... a special version of chicken parmesan. The recipe: grilled chicken, spaghetti sauce, penne pasta, and fat free mozzarella cheese. Owen loves it!!

Owen loved playing with his new lawn mower from Beema, Papa Joe, and Aunt Amanda....he'll be ready to help daddy in the yard this summer

We let Owen try some more of his Birthday cake...
he actually got a little messier this time

The day was all about Owen...and we had a blast!


bekah whiteley said...

sounds like that boy loves to eat!! :-)

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