Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rhea Lana

Rhea Lana is a children's consignment sale here in Northwest Arkansas. They have a sale twice a year (one in the fall and one in the spring) with about 50,000 items each time. It is major chaos with a lot of moms rushing around to get the first pick.

Josh was really "excited" that
he got to go...can't you tell?

The first time I experienced Rhea Lana, I was only 10 weeks pregnant with Owen. It was in a small/crowded building, I didn't know what I was having, and I was really I ended up only buying a few maternity clothes. Since then, they have moved venues and are now at the John Q Hammons center in Rogers, which is much more spacious..thank goodness! It's still very chaotic and the lines are pretty long, but you can find some great deals. This was only Josh's second time to Rhea's a miracle I ever got him to go back after the long line he had to stand in the first time, but it definitely goes a lot faster when there's two of you. Our strategy this year was to split up and then go through everything while we stood in line...I stuck to the clothes and Josh hit the toys, shoes, and some clothes. We ended up finding some really cute things for really was totally worth it! Here are a few pictures of my favorite finds...

Polo Shirts

Merrells and Stride Rite Shoes
Nike Shoes
Gap Swim Trunks