Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Decor

Decorating for Christmas has been an ongoing project at the Summerford house. We started the weekend before Thanksgiving with the Christmas tree and outside lights and finished everything about 2 weeks ago. Lets just that decorating with a toddler takes time!

Owen really enjoyed hanging ornaments on the tree! We let him pick out his own ornament every year... last year it was a jingle bell and this year he chose a choo-choo train. He really liked the candy cane ornaments too.....but was upset when he realized he couldn't eat them!

trying to ride the choo-choo train....ha!
Overall, Owen has been pretty good about not messing with the Christmas tree. We hung all the breakable ornaments above his reach and have shown him the ones he's allowed to touch. He really likes pointing out all the Santas and candy canes, but there have been some rambunctious nights where he hit and pulled all balls off the tree! But I guess that's to be expected!