Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall Vacation

Still playing catch up.....Back in early November, we decided to take a last minute mini vacation to Kansas City and Branson. First stop....the Kansas City Zoo!

Owen is all about animals and animal sounds right now, so the zoo was right up his alley. We started out at the Polar Bear exhibit and ended up staying there for almost 45 minutes because it was so much fun! We happened to walk up right as the trainer came out to show off all the Polar Bear's tricks. Owen was amazed.....he kept pointing/waving and saying "bear", "eeewww", and "hi". The polar bear was by far our favorite!

Owen thought this was really cool. The polar bear would swim right up to the glass in front of him and do a back flip and push off the glass to swim around his pool.

Owen loved ringing the cow bells...

Owen loved roaring at the lions, but didn't care whether it was the real lion or just a picture of a lion.