Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!

Owen's 2nd Birthday was last Saturday! We woke him up with blueberry muffins (his fav) and singing "Happy Birthday", which he seemed kinda shocked by but definitely enjoyed all the attention. One of his best friends from daycare had her birthday the week he kept telling us to say Emmie instead of Owen when we were singing Happy Birthday. Ha!

We spent the morning at home where Owen had Papa Bart and Gigi's undivided attention. After a morning of fun and getting completely spoiled, we put Owen down for an early nap so he would be well rested for his birthday party.

While he was napping, we ran some last minute errands and set up for the party. The theme was Cars, so we turned the living room into a small town with tracks for all the kids to drive the cars.

Owen ended up taking a really long nap and overslept for his own Party!! It took him a good 30 minutes to warm up, but this was his reaction when he first walked out and saw the setup and all the people.

Owen's Cake! He always gets his own low-fat cake from The Cake Lady, but this year we almost missed out. The Cake Lady was going out of town for spring we had her make it early with special instructions for storage. It all worked out well and Owen enjoyed his chocolate cake with cream cheese icing!
"Really" cake for everyone else!!
Owen serenading everyone with his new microphone....

Snack break...
Owen was all about opening presents....but he wanted to play with each gift after he opened it! Let's just say, it was a long process with lots of play breaks!

Owen was excited when we brought out his cake and started singing Happy Birthday. He had been asking to eat it since the moment he saw it! However, he had no interest in blowing out the candle....Lucky for him Charley was there to help him out!

The birthday boy trying out his cake!

When the other kids got their cake, Owen decided he wanted theirs instead! Since their cupcakes were not low-fat, we just gave the other kids a fork and let them all eat Owen's cake.... A little red-neck, I know...but it was the easiest solution at the time. Next year we'll be sure to make every ones cake look the same and plan around the Cake Ladies schedule so she can make everything!

Charley and Owen once all the sugar had kicked in....
Judd and Owen...
For Owen's birthday this year, Josh and I decided that he needed a step stool for the bathroom. We thought about just buying one, but decided to make a Razorback one to match his toddler room. We haven't actually switch him over to "the toddler" room yet, but we're planning ahead. Josh built the stool and painted it black then I took over with the finishing touches.

Owen was sooooo excited when he saw it! He went right to climbing up and jumping off...Can we just say he is all boy!! We put it in his bathroom and he has used it everyday! He's actually been excited to brush his teeth now just so he can stand on the stool. It's the little things in life! Ha!

Just before he jumped off the front!
Owen hugging Daddy Feck and thanking him for coming to the party! This is my favorite sweet!!
After the party was over, my parents and the Childers stayed for dinner and helped clean up the mess! Papa Bart and the kiddos migrated to the room for a movie when it came time to clean up!

Owen and Charley riding the Rockin Razorbacks while watching CARS...

Drew and the kiddos...