Tuesday, April 19, 2011


After Miracle League on Saturday, we picked up Owen and headed out to the Red White Game. We missed all the Razorfest activities, but Owen had just as much fun playing with Charley during the game. We sat in our friend Hannah's suite so the kids were free to run around but were also contained! It was great...definitely the best way to do Razorback football with kids!

Owen and Josh before the game.
The sunglasses are Owen's new obsession...he asks to wear them everyday!

It looks like they're actually watching the game...
Our kids are definitely becoming little Razorback fans! First the Red White game and then the Razorback baseball game. After a little Chick-fil-a, they were ready to run wild at the baseball game...and that they did!! They literally ran/chased each other the entire game! It so much fun to watch our children grow up together!