Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Owen - 2 Year Update

I'm a little late on this post, but wanted to put everything in writing before I forgot. I did really good with the monthly updates til Owen turned 12 months old and things went downhill after that...

  • You are 31 lbs and 33.4 inches tall
  • Y0u're wearing 2T tops and bottoms, but can still wear some 18 month pants
  • We started potty training about a month ago and you're doing great. We bought you pull ups, but you could care less about them. The only way you won't potty in your pants is if you're wearing big boy underwear....so we did away with the diapers and pull-ups and you're doing great!!
  • You wear size 4 overnight diapers at night and big boy underwear during the day...except nap time when you wear a pull up
  • You have a pretty big foot and are wearing size 7 shoes now
  • You still sleep with you blankies and pacies! Daddy said we would be done with the paci at 1 yr, but here we are at 26 months and you're still sleeping with it. We're going to have to say Bye, bye to this soon!
  • You still drink your special formula (MCT Procal) mixed with 8oz of milk 2x per day...first thing in the morning and right before bed.
  • You are eating 22-24 grams of fat per day and seem to be doing good at this level.
  • You are VERY active....I like to say you are ALL boy!
  • You love to kick, hit, and throw any kind of ball....but you call them all baseballs
  • You can gallop, jump, and stand through 1/2 kneel
  • You run everywhere!!

  • You have really started testing the limits and have definitely learned about time out. You've even had to spend some time in your room when time out didn't work....you really hate room time (and it breaks mommy and daddy's heart to send you there)
  • You have become very talkative lately!
  • You can sing you ABC's and count to 10 all by your self
  • Emmie and Charlie are your best buddies at daycare. Mrs. Rose, your teacher, says that you like to play with everyone, but you only talk to Emmie and Charlie
  • You and Charlie have your own little language and love to make each other laugh. Ya'll play really well together..
  • You're new favorite thing to say is "That's funny" and then you start laughing

  • Your favorite movies are Toy Story, CARS, and Nemo
  • Your favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Club House but you really like Dora and Diego too. You've really started interacting during the shows...you sing along, answer questions, and point things out

  • You love to request cereal, pop tarts, or cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  • You are such a loving person. You love to give hugs and kisses...even to people you don't know! It's really funny to see their reaction
  • You request a prayer at nap time and bedtime everyday...it's sooooo sweet! You try to repeat after us some times, but most of the time you just mommy and daddy to say the pray and then you say "Amen".
  • Our Nap Time Prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD my soul to keep, may God watch me through the day and wake me when it's time to play, Amen.
  • Our Bedtime Prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the LORD my soul to keep, may God watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light, Amen.
  • You still love bath time and have started practicing your swim techniques...blowing bubble and kicking. This makes for quite the mess!
  • You also really like to take showers! You think you are such a big boy each time
  • You love reading the Sunday ads and pointing to everything on the page. You're constantly pointing and saying "what's this? what's that?"

  • You've also started singing a lot more. At home, you love to sing "Ring Around the Rosey" and ABC's. At school you love to sing "Peanut, Peanut Butter AND Jelly". Apparently... the "and Jelly" part is your favorite!
  • You love wearing these crazy sunglasses that you found at Beema's house....you request to wear them almost every morning! Ha!

  • You have started talking sooooo much in the past 2 weeks. You basically talk non-stop now and repeat EVERYTHING!
  • You love playing with cars and legos
  • You're still a mommy's boy (especially when you get hurt or don't feel good), but you LOVE playing and rough housing with daddy
  • You've become quite the little backseat driver! You like to tell us "go this way mommy" or "go this way daddy".....I think this is a little habit your daddy taught you in the afternoons on the way home from daycare