Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Improvement weekend.....

Last weekend turned into a "do it yourself" painting weekend at the Summerford house! A lot of room changes needed to take place before the arrival of Ava Kate and we decided to start with painting! Our original plan was to hire someone to do it for us.....but after getting some really expensive quotes, we decided to do it ourselves! It was a long weekend and a lot of work, but we managed to knock out 2 rooms in 2 days AND ended up saving about $600!!

painting the office...

the ceiling was Josh's favorite...Ha!

Josh did most of the work, but Owen and I managed to help a little! Owen thought he was such a big boy when he got to help with the clean up process. He loved throwing away all the tape!!

The office went from a yellow (that was there when we moved in) to a light gray...and we absolutely love it!! This room will be transitioning from an office to a sitting room/guest bedroom/office.

Owen's room needed to change to a "big boy" room so that Ava Kate could have his furniture, but this also meant that we needed to change the paint color in his room. So we decided to tackle this project on Saturday. Papa Joe and Beema came over to help move all of Owen's baby furniture out and then took Owen with them so Josh and I could both focus on painting.

We took a break Saturday afternoon to go to Harper's 1st Birthday Party! Owen had a great time and loved eating the monkey bread and ice cream!

diggin' in!!

After a few hour of fun at the birthday party, Owen headed back to Papa Joe and Beema's to spend the night! We were afraid he might get upset if he saw his room is such disarray... so we thought it would be best if the room was finished when he came home.

Owen's room went from tan to gray (just one shade darker than the office). We ended up painting his room a lot earlier than I expected, so not all of his furniture is in yet. More pictures to come when his "big boy" Razorback room is complete....