Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ava - September 27th

Yesterday was the longest day ever...Josh and I managed to get about 2 hours of sleep sometime after the delivery but spent the rest of the day visiting Ava.

I got to hold Ava for about 2 minutes after delivery before they took her the nursery for monitoring.  Little did I know that would be my only opportunity to hold her.  She started out in the "front" nursery (where everyone could admire her through the window) on room air.  After an hour or so they decided that she needed supplemental oxygen and an IV of D10, which also meant she would be moving to the "back" Josh and I like to call it.  The hope was that her respiration rate would slow to normal with a little extra oxygen....

getting checked out by her nurse and Dr. Lightburn (her neonatologist).... 

Around noon, Dr. Lightburn decided that a UAC line (umbilical arterial catheter) needed to be placed.  This would allow them to monitor her more closely, feed her lipids, proteins, etc, and draw blood without sticking her over and over.  Obviously Josh and I agreed to the procedure....whatever it takes to help Ava get better! 

When the UAC line was placed, Ava was on a 3 liter per minute flow of oxygen at 100%.  Throughout the day, they gradually decreased the percentage and by the end of the day she was at 40%.  Josh and I went to visit her again around 9:00pm and her respiration rate stayed closer to normal and she seemed to be a lot more relaxed....which was great end to a stressful day!

I had planned for Owen and Ava to give each other a present when they met for the first time....but there was a change of plans since Ava was in the NICU.  Owen brought his gift for Ava and we just told him we would give it to her later.  Luckily I had gotten him a few things, so we let him open a couple and saved the rest for the day they actually get to meet.  

He was so cute opening the presents!  He showed everyone and loved telling them that they were from ABA...aka "Ava"!  

Owen and Josh also surprised me with a gift...mothers rings!  One with Owen Peyton and the other with Ava Kate engraved on it!  I absolutely love them!!

We took a few videos of Ava to share with Owen. I'm not sure he really understands, but he was very curious about them.  There's one video that Ava cries in and he wasn't a big fan....he told me " I not want baby cry"! Ha!  He's definitely going to have some adjusting to do when Miss Ava comes home!

A few more pictures of Ava...

Because she is being feed through the UAC lines now, they were able to remove her IV.  Yay, one less line/tube!!