Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ava - September 29th

A few pictures from yesterday....Ava lovin' her paci!

baby girl has some long skinny feet...

Ava was still at 3 liters and 21% when we went to see her first thing this morning.  We feed her the little bit that I was able to pump and got to talk with Dr. Lightburn.  The plan was for them to gradually decrease her flow from 3 liters to 1.5 liters with the goal of trying to breast feed her once she reached 1.5 liters and was stable.  We were so excited!

They also let me change her diaper for the first time!  I never thought I would be so excited to change a's definitely the little things!!

They also gave her a new premie paci that she absolutely loves!  She can actually keep this one in on her least for a short bit!

One of the nurses made her a little lovey that she really seems to like.  We'll definitely be bring her some of own lovies as well....

Ava had her largest meal to date around 11 this morning...a whole 9 cc's!  It was quite a bit for such a little tummy so she only had 6 cc's at her 2:00 feed.  

When Josh and Gigi went in for her 2:00 feed, they got some really exciting news!  Her oxygen flow had been lowered to 1.5 liters and she was doing good!  Praise the Lord....prayers have been answered!    They are planning to pull her UAC lines around 3:15 and then we'll get to hold our baby girl!!!!  AND if everything goes well....I get to try and breastfeed her at her 4:30 feed!!  Please pray for normal respiration rates and O2 sats!

We are so excited!!!


Kara said...

she's gorgeous christie! praying for you family that she gets to go home soon = )