Friday, December 23, 2011

Check ups...

Ava had her 2 month check up on December 9th.  She was really about 2.5 months old, but it was he earliest we could get an appointment.  

She weighed in at 10 lbs and was 22 inches long which put her in the 25th percentile for both.  She also got her first shot and oral vaccination.  

Owen was due for shots (well over due) so I made him an appointment at the same time.  We saw a new doctor, so he had to get a full exam as well.  

Owen was right on target for all his fine and gross motor skills...and apparently talks (putting 10-15 words together) more than the typically 2.5 year old.  Ha!  I guess thats why we think he talks ALL the time!

He weighed in at 32 lbs and was 36 inches tall, which put him just above the 50th percentile for both.  

Owen also got 2 shots which he was NOT a fan of.  It's soooo much harder when they get older.  I felt really bad for him and as the night went on, I felt even worse.  He was hurting so bad that he just laid on the couch crying and wouldn't walk.  At first I thought he was just doing it for attention, but we soon realized he was really hurting.  Ava was also extra fussy from her shots.  So....lesson learned....don't get both kids shots on the same day....even if it does save a trip to the doctor!