Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Fun...

Our big Christmas craft Advent Chain!  This was quite the project.  We started just after Thanksgiving with Owen cutting each strip of paper.  I drew lines for him to cut along and held the paper and...after a lot of mini cutting sessions we finally had 25 strips of paper!

I added bible verses to each piece of paper and then we started the gluing process.  

It was a long process but totally worth it!!  Owen absolutely loved tearing off a chain each night and reading the bible verse aloud with mommy and daddy.   Josh would read a few words, then Owen and I would repeat, and at the end Josh would read the whole verse again.  It was so sweet to hear him reading God's word!  It was also really helpful with the countdown to Christmas.  He knew that when we got to the star it would be Christmas and Jesus's (or baby Jesus's according to Owen) Birthday!  He was so excited about getting to play with the STAR! Ha!

We also enjoyed a lot of family movie nights over the holidays.  I think we watched every kid's Christmas move!  Owen's favorites were Elf on the Self, Elf, Ice Age Christmas, and Rudolph. 


Another craft project:  A Christmas tree!

The glitter was Owen's favorite!

The finished product...