Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Birthday...

We celebrated my 30th birthday (or my Forever 29th birthday as I like to refer to it, Ha!) on June 27th!

My birthday was on a Wednesday so unfortunately I spent the day working...but I was showered with gifts and my favorite dinner when I got home!

Josh gets the husband of the year award for surprising me with a new hair dryer and straightener!  

scratching my lottery tickets....Owen was a BIG help!! 

My favorite dinner....fettuccine primavera!  

So delish!!!

My loving husband made my favorite..... strawberry cake with cream cheese icing!

Ava Kate helping mommy blow out the candles!  Thankfully, Josh went with the number candles instead of actually lighting 30 candles!!

Another birthday celebration at PF Chang thanks to Nean!