Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ava Kate - 10 months

Ava Kate was 10 months old on July 27th!  Wow....I can't believe how time flies!  She'll be one before we know it!

Things that you're doing now....
  • You weigh 21 lbs 5 oz
  • You're wearing mostly 6-12 month clothes and a few 12 month outfits 
  • You're still wearing size 3 pampers

  • You're eating all "real" food now and absolutely loving it!!
  • You like almost everything but your favorites right now are cheese, cheerios, avocado, black beans, and ritz crackers
  • You're really quick when it comes to food!  You love to steal everyone else's food...we can't turn our back even for a second! Ha!

  • You're finally starting to like your sippy cup.  You're still only drinking juice out of the sippy cup but its a start!
  • Your current schedule:  5 oz bottle at 6:30ish, go back to sleep til around 7:30, breakfast around 8:30, morning nap around 9:30-10:00, 5 oz bottle around 11ish, Lunch at 12, 5 oz bottle around 3 followed by an afternoon nap, dinner, and then another 7 oz bottle just before bed at 8:30

  • You're babbling "da-da-da-da" all the time and making a lot of silly sounds these days
  • You've babbled "ma-ma-ma" a handful of times 
  • You have become a mommy's girl over the past month...and I'm loving every minute of it!

  • You love to have our undivided attention and have started getting really loud when you think we're not giving you enough attention at that moment!  Let's just say it gets really loud between 6 and 6:30 at our house when we're trying to get dinner on the table. Ha!
  • You finally have your first two teeth!  It was a rough two weeks with a snotty nose, fever, crankiness, and only wanting mommy...but your bottom two teeth finally broke through!

  • You're hair is really starting to grow, but the front and sides still have some catching up to do!
  • I love to put big hair bows on you every day and we NEVER leave the house without one've figured out how to get them off now!  So, your hair bow days may have to be put on hold for just a bit

  • You're still not crawling on hands and knees, but you have mastered your belly scoot!!  
  • You can get anywhere you want, you've gotten really fast, and you love to race Owen!

  • You still love the water....bath, swimming pool, and the lake are your absolute favorite!  You've become quite the little bathing beauty!
  • You're not a big fan of your swim prefer to sit on the steps and play like a big girl or to swim with mommy and daddy

  • You've started waving "bye bye" but you still wont do it on command.  Your daycare teachers  say that you love to wave during snack time....maybe you're just trying to tell them you're ready to go home!
  • You love all of Owen's toys and have started taking them from him!  He's not really excited about your new found mobility because you go straight for his towers and cars! Ha!

  • You started pulling to stand about 2 weeks before you're 10 month birthday and you are so proud of yourself
  • You've finally figured out the walker and are officially on the move.  You love to follow Owen around!

The 10 month comparison....

Owen              Ava Kate

 And one more comparison of my little stinkers, both protesting their 10 month photo shoot....

Owen               Ava Kate