Sunday, November 25, 2012

A New School....

Owen started a new preschool in November!

His new preschool came with all the expectations of "real" school....a list school supply list, a principal, a specific drop off time, a 3:00 pick up time, and going to the cafeteria with all the big kids.  Our little boy is officially a BIG.  We were all excited about the change...but school supply shopping in November proved a little difficult. Ha!

Owen loved "trying" to get everything on the list....

Starting a new school also meant starting over with educating Owen's teachers about his VLCAD.  It's inevitable that this will always be a challenge in our lives, but it definitely makes "change" a little harder.  For now, we are packing Owen's lunch each day (which is what most of the kids in his class do) and he is eating snack with the rest of his classmates.  

His lunch on the first day of school... a turkey wrap, string cheese, grapes, and celery with "his" peanut butter

....and I couldn't resist writing a note on his napkin (even though he can't read:))

His sheets and pillow for "rest" times made with love by Beema

First day of school pictures!  He was so excited!

being silly....

He was most excited about his new playground...


Josh and I both took him on his first day.  He was a little shy at first, but warmed up quickly and didn't care at all when we left.

He was such a big boy and jumped right in!  Mommy, on the other hand, was a little sad.  He's just growing up tooooo quick!

He's been at his new school for about 2 months now and absolutely loves it!  He is learning so much and truly enjoys going to school.  He's made new friends and really seems to like his new teacher.