Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toddler Room...

Ava Kate moved to the Toddler Room at daycare on October 1st!  I was a little sad about this transition (more than I was with Owen) because it meant she was growing up and no longer our "baby" girl.  We tend to keep her in the "baby" category since she's not walking, way more cautious than Owen ever was, and prefers to be carried at all times (maybe a little spoiled).  Either way...our baby girl has moved to the BIG Girl Room!!

Here are a few pics of her first official day...

She had been spending a few hours each day in the toddler room prior to the BIG she was excited and didn't mind us leaving at all!

She loves playing on all the big kid toys.  Her teachers, Ms. Heather and Mrs. Kirsten, say that she loves climbing up these stairs to poke her head out of the window and yell/jabber at all the other kids!  Apparently she likes to be the center of attention!

One of the biggest transitions with the Toddler Room is nap time.  They go from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on a cot and from two naps a day to one!  I remember thinking " There's no way my kid will go to sleep and stay asleep on a cot" when Owen moved to this class and I thought the same thing with Miss Ava Kate....but I was wrong again!  I think she's just soooo tired with the transition to 1 nap a day, that she would sleep anywhere!  

Ava Kate is doing well in the big girl room and absolutely loves getting to go outside on the playground.  She plays hard all day and loves watching/demanding the attention of all her new friends!