Tuesday, March 10, 2009

36 weeks 3 days

We went for our second weekly appointment on Monday. This appointment was a little more eventful than the rest. The normal stuff...I gained another 2 lbs for a total of 35 lbs. My belly measurement was around 36 weeks. I'm dilated 1-2 cm and my cervix is softening. Dr. Birch was unable to give us a specific effacement percentage due to Owen's positioning...but I'm definitely progressing!

When Dr. Birch was listening to Owen's heartbeat, she noticed that it dropped. She had us go to another room where they hooked me up to a monitor to watch Owen's heart rate. They were looking for spikes in his heart rate when he was moving. After 30 minutes with only small increases we were sent to Triage to be hooked up to a more hi-tech monitor. After another hour of monitoring with no sustained increase in heart rate they ordered an ultrasound and we were officially admitted.

The ultrasound was to do a biophysical profile where they measure everything, then observe for 30 min looking for things such as movement in the diaphragm simulating breathing, and general movement as well as other things. Owen scored a perfect 8 out of 8 on this test and we were sent back to Triage for more monitoring. After about 15 minutes on the monitor again we were sent home and told that everything looks good, and to just make sure he keeps up his movement. Owen was moving throughout the tests, but his heart rate was not going as high as they were wanting it to. Though the final report was good, we were stressed out throughout this ordeal and sleep will not come easy until our little man is here with us and we know that he is fine!

The ultrasound also reveled that Owen is definitely growing. He now weighs 6.5 pounds and we still have 3.5 weeks to go! I think he's going to be a BIG baby!