Tuesday, March 17, 2009

37 weeks 3 days

We had another doctors appointment yesterday. This one was definitely less eventful than the last. I didn't gain any weight this time, Yeah! So my total weight gain this far is 35 pounds. My belly measured around 34 weeks and there were no cervical changes. I'm still only dilated 1-2 cm and apparently my cervix is pushed posterior due to Owen's position.

Because I've noticed a decrease in movement and Owen's heart rate was once again in the 120-130 bpm range, I was hooked up to the monitors for a non-stress test. They monitored Owen's HR for about 20 minutes with no substantial changes. But after drinking some apple juice and the nurse waking Owen up with the stimulator, his HR spiked into the 150 bpm range a few times. We have another non-stress test scheduled for tomorrow just to make sure he's still cooperating.

As of right now, we have another regular doctors appointment scheduled for next Monday...and if Owen has not made his debut, they're planning on inducing next Thursday (March 26th)!! So it looks like we'll have a baby by the end of next week!


westerman said...

you look great! i can't believe he'll be here so soon. the chair was too cute. can't wait for future posts!