Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work Shower

The girls from work threw a shower for Owen Saturday morning at Kate's house. It was a beautiful day for a shower... if you didn't get enough of the cold during the ice storm! We woke up to a snow covered Fayetteville, not that I don't like snow... but by the end of February I'm over winter, bring on spring! Despite the cold, the shower was great, Owen got a bunch of really cute monogrammed burp cloths and bibs as well as blankets, clothes and toys! We also got his stroller and swing! This was the last of Owen's showers and now we are officially ready for him to arrive!

Kate and I

Ethan giving me Owen's new blanket

Super cute!!!

Owen got a lot of really cute monogrammed stuff!

The P.T. girls gave us Owen's Stroller!

The Speech girls gave us Owen's Swing!


Amy L said...

i hadn't officially layed eyes on the swing. LOVE it. can't wait to meet little handsome owen!