Monday, September 14, 2009

Children's Therapy TEAM Picnic

The clinic where I work had our first company picnic at Tyson Park last weekend. There was a chance of rain all day, but it held off and the weather was perfect for a picnic! The clinic has grown so much in the past few months that it was nice to have time to visit with some of the new girls that I don't get to talk to much at work and even meet their families. The picnic was a lot of fun... we had a catered lunch under the pavilion and the kids got to enjoy the playground and the bounce-around, while the adults played frisbee golf and horseshoes.

Owen was worn out before the picnic and grabbed a little cat nap on the ride to the park from the Razorback softball game, but once we arrived at the picnic he was wide awake again. He really seemed to enjoy being outside and watching all the kids play and jump on the bounce-around. I think he wanted to join them, but that will have to wait a couple of years.

The picnic was a lot of fun and hopefully the second annual company picnic will be as much fun as the first!

Enjoying the good food

The bounce-around was a big hit

Lena and Hannah

Owen and Mary Claire were a little to small to enjoy all the festivities....

Everyone loves Lenard! (our therapy dog)

Amanda, Amber, Sam, Christina,
Tonya, Kym, Owen, and Linda

Lance and John Michael

Josh and Lena getting ready to chase the parachute ball

Sam visiting with Josh and Owen

I love this picture of Sam and Amber!

Jacob, ready for some football...