Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Festivities

We had another busy weekend... It seems like we never slow down anymore! This weekend we started off with Razorback softball. Josh's sister Amanda is a freshman on the team this year. We met up with Josh's family at the tailgate before the double header and got to visit with Josh's grandfather (Daddy Feck), and his aunt Tracy and of course Mom, Dad, and Amanda's boyfriend Austin. From the softball games we headed straight to my company picnic... but I have a lot of pics to share, so that'll be another post.

Everyone gathered at the tailgate
Playing with Daddy Feck

Owen and Aunt Amanda before the game

After church on Sunday we went to visit the latest addition to our extended family. Josh's Cousin, Cecily recently gave birth to a beautiful, unexpected, baby boy, Judd! Before you jump to conclusions she knew she was having a baby, but, she knew that it was a girl, or so we all thought! Months ago Cecily was told during a sonogram that it was a girl, and as most parents do, she ran with it. On the day of his arrival everything was just perfect, down to the pink shirt that the dad was wearing in anticipation! What a shock when the nurse held up a baby boy! Josh's mom described the scene at the hospital as the father and grandfather busted into the waiting room like a scene from the three stooges. She said they were literally running into each other trying to get through the door. When they got to the waiting room all they could say was "you are never going to believe this" and it took them forever to finally announce that it was a boy, before making a hasty return to the delivery room. Anyway, that's the short version of a long story involving late nights for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles converting a room fit for a princess to one fit for a prince!

Before we went to visit Judd we put Owen in this outfit and I decided he looked so cute we had to snap some pictures.

Owen really liked his shoes!

What a handsome little man!

After a few quick pics of Owen we made the trip to see Judd!

Ruari Judd Mulligan
Owen was very curious about Judd

Owen wasn't so sure at first, but he warmed up after a while

Hanging out, watching football with Judd
Owen (5 months) Judd (2 weeks)

Apparently Owen liked Judd enough to see what he tasted like... Judd didn't seem to mind, he just slept!

After getting some real food Owen was winding down


cindy said...

i love that picture with his arm around his new cousin! so cute!