Thursday, May 13, 2010


Josh and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Tuesday! The morning was hectic as usual, and we went about our usual routine... but I had a break around lunch time so Josh met me for lunch at U.S. Pizza. Usually our lunches don't match up so we rarely have lunch dates. When I got to U.S. Pizza Josh was already sitting at a table with a dozen roses!
Lunch was great! We shared our favorite pizza, which just happens to share a name with our son, Owen's sundried tomato basil pizza!
We also went out for dinner that night... we were both craving Mexican food so we decided to try El Sol. Dinner was great, it was nice to have a peaceful meal and just get to visit with each other. After dinner we decided to try out a new place on Dickson called Orange Mango...
We didn't have any clue what to expect, all we knew was that it was frozen yogurt! We were like kids in a candy store when we walked in and realized that all of the yogurt was either fat free or low fat! To most people this probably isn't that exciting, but the place is perfect for Owen. We have been trying to find a place where we can take him for special treats and now we have found it!
Here's how it works...
Choose your yogurt from this wall... All the green are fat free and the orange are low fat!

After you get your yogurt you load up on toppings... there is a lot of fresh fruit to choose from, Owen will love it!!!

After you are satisfied with your concoction, you weigh it and pay by the ounce... Since Owen wasn't with us, we decided to pile on the candy toppings, next time it will be fat free yogurt and fresh fruit!