Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair cut # 3

Owen has been needing another hair cut for a long time and we finally made time for it last night. It took three of us to get it done.... Aunt Amanda fed him fig newtons, I held his arms, and Cecily cut his hair while Josh took pictures. He was a pretty good sport about it as long as Aunt Amanda kept the food coming.

"Okay...I'm ready"

I also got my hair cut and colored...Owen wasn't too sure about all the foil in my hair. He kept staring at me and trying to pull it out.
Owen not only got his hair cut, but he also had a play date with Judd. It was so fun to watch them interact. They stared at one another, crawled all over each other, hugged, kissed, and...Owen even decided that he needed to start crawling and sitting in the bumpo again. They had a blast together!